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Customised – Hoodie Black


These are great for wearing on the way to training, competitions or just to tell the whole world that you are a gymnast even when you aren’t upside down! Front zip – so no fuzzy hair when you take them off!!

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Our gymnastics hoodies are of the highest quality – wash up well time and time again and importantly are super comfortable.

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Weight 443 g
Hoodie Sizes

Adult – Small, Adult – Medium, Adult – Large, 5-6 yrs, 7-8 yrs, 9-11 yrs, 12-13 yrs


B37 Vinyl Gymnast, F01 Blue Star, F06 Diamante Union Jack, F07 Vinyl Gym Blue, F09 Vinyl Gym Red, F10 Trampoline Pink, F11 Trampoline Blue, F13 Purple Rings, F14 Red Rings, F15 Blue Rings, F16 Rose Gold Gym, F17 Trampoline Split Bubbles, F18 Trampoline Splits Sparks, F19 Silver Rings, F20 Gold Gymnastics Beam, F21 Eat Sleep Dream Diamante, F22 Eat Sleep Dream Vinyl, F23B Gymnast Star Blue Lime, F23P Gymnast Star Pink Gold, F25 Gymnast Multi, F26 Russian Lever Blue, F27 Red Bridge, F28 Blue Bridge, F30 P01 Blue Beam, F31 Gymnast Beam Purple, F32 Gymnast Beam Pink


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